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 Mobility-Driven Energy Optimization


Unrivalled Intelligence that

Enables Profitable Fleet Operations.

The Ubiq SaaS platform uses data and machine learning to predict demand for shared vehicles in any city. Based on real-time demand, our platform makes vehicle-specific recommendations for operational tasks such as rebalancing, charging, unplugging, and pricing in order to increase vehicle utilization rates and make shared fleets profitable.

Affordable Energy


Our Automated Rebalancing service enables you to obtain real-time insights into shared vehicle demand across your city. Use these insights to not only reposition your vehicles in the right places and at the right times, but also to speak to your riders when and where they're ready to listen.

Charging Redistribution

Use our Predictive Charging service to forecast vehicle-specific down times and establish efficient charging cycles (anywhere from full to partial charges). Our engine keeps your EVs in action when they're needed most. 

Charge Redistribution
Flexible Charging
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Flexible Energy

If every ride is different, then every ride should be priced differently too. Get vehicle-specific pricing based on real-time demand.

Support your fleet with our 

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