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The power of the crowd unleashed in Hamburg & Munich

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Ubiq extends its StreetCrowd service further in Germany with MILES Mobility

Following great success in Berlin, Ubiq and the carsharing operator, MILES Mobility, have agreed to extend Ubiq’s StreetCrowd service to Germany’s second and third largest cities: Hamburg and Munich.

MILES’ slick fleet of cars and vans can be found throughout Germany’s major cities, giving the citizens of places, such as Munich and Hamburg, the most flexible carsharing options around. Now with Ubiq’s data-driven StreetCrowd coming to town, local people in these cities can have a stake in the operational success of the service, too.

By deploying StreetCrowd, which matches citizens with cars requiring repositioning into high demand locations, MILES is able to better meet customer demand, leading to more satisfied users as well as increasing the revenue generating potential of every vehicle.

This means vehicles being available when and where they are needed. A benefit for customers and for the wonderful people of Hamburg and Munich. Click here for more information on the partnership and discover how Ubiq’s StreetCrowd platform is supporting shared mobility operators to become profitable.

Moin Hamburg! Servus Munich!


Ubiq is shaping the future of urban mobility by enabling mobility services to become profitable. Experts in transforming raw urban data into actionable insights and valuable services, Ubiq enables better mobility decisions.

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