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How Ubiq is Powering the Amazon Alexa In-Car Experience

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Ubiq’s parking skill is a cornerstone and enabler for a fully digital driving experience

Ubiq is proud to announce that our parking skill has been recognized in Amazon’s Alexa Blog’s list of innovative voice-enabled automotive services. Our skill, which allows users to ask Alexa for parking assistance, has been featured among other Alexa automotive skills that make driving easier, more fun and more relaxing. We explain what Alexa skills are and what we, at Ubiq, have developed.

Hi Alexa, what even are Alexa automotive skills?

As you likely already know, Alexa is Amazon’s voice-controlled digital assistant that answers questions and performs tasks. Alexa continues to become smarter with new features and capabilities being added to the cloud every day. This includes skills which play music, as well as ones that control the lighting in your apartment. These are developed using the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) SDK and there is even an Auto SDK, specifically for automotive skills. This allows developers to create capabilities that support the in car driving experience such as assistance in navigation, parking and gas, as well as keeping users entertained while they are on the go.

Alexa, what is Parkbob’s skill?

Ubiq’s development team created the Ubiq skill to save users time and money when looking for a parking space. A simple command of “Alexa, can I park here” will be met by confirmation, or the user will be directed to another nearby parking space. The Ubiq skill guides the user to nearby parking lots and garages, informing them about applicable rules, restrictions, and the time and cost for any given spot. What’s more, the Ubiq skill is integrated into Alexa’s core skills meaning there is no need to even enable it. As a result, Ubiq is one of the few skills that doesn’t require the user to specifically mention the skill’s invocation name. So, instead of saying “Alexa, ask Ubiq”, a simple “Alexa, can I park here?” will do.

Thanks Alexa, it sounds like a very useful skill.

It is indeed!

To see how Ubiq created the skill, feel free to read more.


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