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"IAA is dead, long live IAA Mobility!"

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

An brief overview of an essential mobility event

We were all waiting for a major in-person event this year and it’s safe to say IAA 2021 delivered it this fall. It might not have been as big a showcase as some years ago, but it was most definitely extremely important. And we’re glad to have been there to witness it as it manifested a bold statement in the market. Here are our thoughts on it.

EV or not EV - that is the answered question

We were used to stepping beyond the IAA welcoming entrance and immediately hearing V12 engines roaring loudly inside and seeing the imposing Bentleys or Rolls Royces. This time, with no gas powered car in sight, EVs were owning the space, sending a message even louder than the purring engines we were used to: they are here to stay. It’s clearly the beginning of a new era and we fully support it.

From automotive-focused to mobility-focused

Yet another major aspect that was brilliantly displayed at IAA 2021 was the necessary focus shift from cars and the next hot vehicle to launch in the market to mobility as a whole and what it can do for a sustainable future. These are some of our insights on what we think changed in the past decade:

  • If the value proposition was then focused on cars, now the Munich event clearly showed us that the industry players steered their efforts towards shared & autonomous mobility and the accompanying software & hardware.

  • When it comes to performance, the center stage was allocated to improving the engine power; now the performance is measured by improving the EV charging process.

  • The class of vehicles that was on everyone’s radar as being the next best thing in the market was the SUVs; that trend massively changed its direction towards urban micro mobility as the one the keys of the mobility of tomorrow.

Here’s to the next 10 years

So what’s next? Amazing things, for sure. Software technology will take over the wheels and the destination will be a sustainable mobility future. We’ve been saying for a while now that ownership will be replaced by usership, and we’re looking forward to fully welcoming it. For that and any other important developments and challenges to come, we keep an open mind. Congratulations to the IAA Mobility team for such an important event and we hope to see more like it soon.


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