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Intercity Rebalancing

Ubiq announces a new feature that shapes the future of the shared mobility industry.

By developing new strategies to improve the profitability, efficiency, and accessibility of sustainable mobility, Ubiq is actively working toward achieving new goals. We recognize the enormous potential of shared mobility in urban transportation, but we understand the challenges of profitability and meeting market demands. That's why we're proud to introduce our revolutionary intercity rebalancing solution, which addresses the most significant pain points in the shared mobility industry - utilization, charging, and pricing.

What is Intercity Rebalancing?

Intercity rebalancing is a critical component in the context of car sharing. It helps to overcome fleet imbalances that naturally occur due to customers' demand of driving one way from one city to another city. The process is necessary to ensure that car-sharing services can accommodate customers in various locations and maximize the use of vehicles, which can save operating costs and increase overall sustainability.

Why Was This Feature Created?

Since many fleet providers have vehicles in numerous locations, they permit their customers to use their vehicles for long-distance travel in addition to short trips. The fleets that service the cities eventually become unbalanced as a result of this. Ubiq’s intercity rebalancing feature allows us to distribute our clients' vehicles between cities, ensuring a balanced fleet across all locations. By utilizing cutting-edge technology, we avoid the issue of imbalances in fleet distribution, increasing utilization and reducing operational costs. We're proud of our ability to target specific thresholds for each chosen city, ensuring the desired number of vehicles is available in each city at all times. Our intercity rebalancing solution is a game-changer in the world of shared mobility and one of the many ways we're continuing to push boundaries.

At Ubiq, we're committed to providing the best possible transportation experience for our customers. That's why our intercity rebalancing solution is customizable to meet our client's specific desires. This includes targeting specific areas within each city for rebalancing purposes, and ensuring that vehicles are available when and where customers need them. Additionally, with configurable distances, we can determine the most efficient routes for relocating vehicles between cities. This customization optimizes our intercity rebalancing solution, reducing operational costs and increasing utilization rates, supporting our mission of making shared mobility profitable and sustainable.

We prioritize the targeting of specific vehicle models for rebalancing to guarantee that our customers always have access to the greatest mobility options. Discover the difference for yourself as you embark with us on this thrilling journey toward a more sustainable future.

To find out more about why we are setting the standard for intercity rebalancing, follow this link

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