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It was about time. Parkbob becomes Ubiq.

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Over the last year, we have changed dramatically as a company. Evolving from an early stage startup to a maturing company, we are now in a position to actively shape the future of mobility. Closely working with leading players in shared and micro-mobility in Europe and the US, it has become clear that our products and expertise can have a significant impact on the success of their businesses and their profitability.

Our rebranding, therefore, is a reflection of change that has already taken place, rather than a change of direction to come. In this sense it is a case of shedding old feathers, as it was about time our evolving company had a name to match who we have become. Parkbob has become Ubiq.

Founded in 2015, Parkbob was set up to transform the parking situation in cities. In the process of digitizing dozens of cities across the globe, we discovered that parking was just one small part of the urban mobility puzzle. In combining curbside demand for parking with other data sources such as historical fleet data, weather and local events, we were able to master predictions of the demand for shared mobility services, including carsharing and dockless e-scooters. And with this, we were also able to build tools that make operational tasks such a fleet rebalancing and charging far more effective.

“Few mobility services are even profitable”

Shared mobility is a notoriously tricky business. Operators are faced with the challenge of expanding fast, while still trying to get the most out of a limited fleet. Subsequently, few mobility services are even profitable. Though smart advertising campaigns and competitive pricing can increase the potential demand for mobility services, it is increasing the actual vehicle utilization that is key to long-term sustainability.

“What it really comes down to is a fundamental change in the way we get from A to B”

Though enabling operators to become more effective is our aim, what it really comes down to is a fundamental change in the way we get from A to B. With mass urbanization and growing concerns over pollution, a radical change is needed. It is most likely inevitable, too. By providing alternatives to the one-size-fits-all car, we expand our opportunities. We become more active, and are more free to move around however we like. What is more, our cities could become less crowded and space that was previously reserved for parking could be reclaimed for living.

It is the advancement of these changes that we, here at Ubiq, are pushing for. And by enabling the long term profitability of shared mobility projects, we are contributing to the re-shaping of our urban future. And just as the world around us is changing, we have also changed too. Now we have the brand to match. Ubiq has flown from the nest, the only way is up.


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