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Revolutionizing shared mobility in Vienna - An ELOOP interview

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

An insightful dialogue with the Vienna-based company with a bold vision

Having ELOOP as a partner in changing the way people get around in urban areas and taking the sharing economy to the next level in our own city it’s been extremely rewarding so far. We wanted to share more on how the Viennese company relies on a combination of different concepts and technologies in order to create a unique environmentally friendly and urban mobility concept. So we had a chat with Elisabeth Müller, City Manager to see how the ELOOP e-car-sharing system plans on revolutionizing individual mobility in Vienna, with a focus on environmentally friendly mobility solutions.

What makes ELOOP different and how does that fit in with the city of Vienna?

At ELOOP we exclusively offer a carsharing fleet that is emissions free. What additionally makes us unique is that we have a blockchain-based pool of cars to provide a real sharing experience for people in Vienna. This means that some of our ELOOP cars are converted to security token, whereby people from everywhere have the chance to invest in the ELOOP ONE-Token with high return on investment. This form of sustainable direct investment is unique in Europe, which we are very proud of.

How do you see ELOOP ONE Token (EOT) contributing to the future of mobility?

For us the EOT symbolizes and enables the concept of shared economy and shared property. We believe a corresponding token system will be part of future sharing concepts and a key cornerstone of our success. Developing a holistic and real sharing model was very important to our founders, which is why it is a fundamental part of our ELOOP identity.

Why Tesla?

As part of our e-carsharing service, users can drive the Tesla Model 3. We have decided to switch completely to Tesla as most of our users use ELOOP mainly for longer trips or holidays with an average usage duration between one and two days. In that context we wanted to provide a technology that is state-of-the-art and enables higher comfort as well as a bigger reach. The feedback from our users was overwhelming, which confirms that this was the right decision.

How’s Vienna been responding to ELOOP?

Vienna is the first city where we have offered our e-mobility service and we are very pleased about the results. We consider ELOOP as an addition to public transportation, which works well in a city where public transportation is well managed, such as Vienna. We currently have 30,000 users and we see our user base continuously increasing. Equally important to us is the dialogue with our community and we are particularly excited about our Telegram Groups that consist of ELOOP Token holders and ELOOP users. Both communities are incredible, which makes it easy for us to respond to the demands of people living in Vienna.

How would you describe the community around ELOOP and the synergies between this community and StreetCrowd?

We are particularly excited about the concept of Ubiq’s StreetCrowd as it is truly aligned with our community approach. We can utilize the dynamics and power of the community with a decentralized operational system that addresses well our needs and the needs of our users. Our vision to have a community-based fleet system in the cities where we operate becomes even more attainable.

What do you think could be improved about EV charging in cities? How do you see Ubiq’s Charging as a Service addressing that?

As part of the EU Green Deal a total of 1 million charging points are planned to be put in place until 2025. However, in the absence of a clear strategic roadmap for electro-mobility, services such as provided by Ubiq, are key in order to ensure an e-carsharing fleet that is readily available and fully charged. Traveling by electric vehicle has never been easier before, but we do still see challenges when driving across Europe as the availability of charging stations varies between countries. We believe that this will change drastically in the coming years, when EV infrastructure will be harmonized and extended across Europe. The advantage when driving with ELOOP is that users can see the closest Tesla charging station as soon as they plan their trip.

What’s next in store for ELOOP?

We are growing rapidly and wish to expand our service in Vienna even further! Also we will launch ELOOP in other cities across Europe. The start will be with Munich at the beginning of 2022. Our vision is that users can access ELOOP in all major cities of Europe.

ELOOP is an independent start-up founded in August 2017 by four Vienna locals. Unlike many other carsharing providers, ELOOP is not an OEM or another large corporation.


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