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The Impact of Responsible Citizenship

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Ubiq wins prestigious Rider's Choice Award for Best Sharing Platform and Fleet Operations at Micromobility World through the power of StreetCrowd.

Micromobility World 2023, hosted by Micromobility Industries, is the largest virtual conference for small vehicles. This year's conference introduced the first annual Rider’s Choice Awards, meant to celebrate the amazing companies in the mobility industry. Over the course of 3 months, 50,000 ballots were cast for the best companies across 26 micromobility categories. Ubiq took home the Rider’s Choice Award for Best Sharing Platform and Fleet Operations, beating out top global competitors in one of the most competitive categories.

How did Ubiq manage to bring home one of the most prestigious awards in micromobility at their very first industry appearance? They harnessed the power of the StreetCrowd community. StreetCrowd is Ubiq’s crowd-based mobility platform that enables responsible citizens to carry out efficient fleet operations for mobility operators in their cities. With StreetCrowd, Ubiq is able to optimize shared fleets in real-time, ensuring that vehicles are always ready for their next ride - from rebalancing, battery swapping, and other vehicle safety services such as uplifting fallen scooters. StreetCrowd members from across the world, from Vienna to Washington DC to Santiago de Chile and Berlin, came together to cast their votes for the young Austrian start-up.

It’s safe to say that Ubiq's success with StreetCrowd has not gone unnoticed. The company plans to expand its product and service offering in 2023 for micromobility operators, energy providers, and other ecosystem partners. "We believe that our platform can make a positive impact on mobility and in any city," said Founder & CEO, Christian Adelsberger. "We are excited to share our expertise with more communities around the world."

Ubiq is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that make sustainable mobility more profitable and accessible for everyone. The company's mission is to empower fleet operators and responsible citizens to take control of mobility in their cities in order to create a more livable future. Winning the Rider's Choice Award for Best Sharing Platform and Fleet Operations is a significant achievement for the company as they look to make a positive impact in the micromobility industry.

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