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The Road Ahead: Ubiq in 2022

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Ubiq sets ambitious goals for the upcoming year.

Last month, we shared with you our predictions for the mobility industry in 2022. These predictions are held together by a common thread - if the future of mobility is going to be accessible for everyone and truly sustainable, it’s going to require all kinds of collaborations. It is this understanding that informs the company goals we set for ourselves this year. We choose to share them because we want to contribute to the conversation and hold ourselves accountable to helping create the new world of mobility we desperately need.

We have a lot of goals this year at Ubiq. But rather than listing them out one by one, we’ve consolidated them into three main categories - increase awareness and improve offerings, learn as a company and grow as people, and deepen our commitment to environmental and social sustainability.

Increase awareness and improve our offerings

In order to make room for more accessible and sustainable mobility in our cities, we need to not only rethink how the entire mobility ecosystem operates, but also generate support for the political, economic, and social changes that make accessible and sustainable mobility possible. For us, this starts with increasing awareness about new mobility, the obstacles that are standing in its way, and what can be done to break down those barriers. This year, we hope to continue being a quality source of information when it comes to the latest in mobility while also sharing our expertise with important stakeholders like cities, politicians, researchers, and operators.

We know that shared mobility can be profitable. Our automated rebalancing and charging-as-a-service solutions can generate an up to 50% increase in revenue for mobility operators. This year, we’re excited to expand to new cities and are working to integrate additional data sources into our algorithms in order to increase the level of operational efficiency we can offer our clients. We are also looking to introduce new data-driven services to tackle some of shared mobility’s toughest challenges.

Learn as a company and grow as people

This year, we want to foster more opportunities for learning at Ubiq. That means attracting even more top and diverse talent. By deepening our talent density we can cultivate a working environment that innately encourages employee growth because everyone’s an expert to learn from. This is also why we have started the Ubiq Academy - an internal database of employee led courses on anything and everything.

We will continue promoting an open and honest feedback culture. But we also want to raise the bar by inspiring our employees to practice radical candor and to offer feedback often, without being asked, and to anyone in the company regardless of title. Feedback helps us see ourselves and situations from a different perspective and can initiate personal and professional growth.

We want to invest in the personal and professional growth of our employees as they are the ones who are shaping the future of our company. The challenge for us this year will be keeping this spirit of learning alive as we grow our team and solutions to keep up with the shared mobility market demand.

Deepen our commitment to environmental and social sustainability

In order to deepen our commitment to sustainability, we have set both external and internal goals.

Externally, we hope to influence the number of active sustainable vehicles within the shared mobility industry with our solutions. By helping operators increase their operational efficiency and revenue, we reduce the amount of risk that operators assume when adopting electric vehicle (EV) fleets and thus, make EV adoption more attractive for operators. More specifically, we aim to be the catalyst for a 15% increase in the number of EV’s in our clients’ fleets this year. We also seek to increase the percentage of energy we deliver to shared EV fleets. Through our Charging-as-a-Service solution, we currently deliver a significant portion of the charging energy in Vienna. We’re ready to do the same across all of our active markets.

Getting more shared EVs in our cities is a step in the right direction, but does not entirely address the environmental and social impact we have on the cities we operate in. Therefore, we will dedicate this year to educating ourselves on our carbon footprint (Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions) as well as solidifying a sustainability strategy that will help us reuse, reduce, and responsibly offset emissions that we are currently unable to eliminate. We will also focus on the sustainability of our community-driven platform, StreetCrowd. We believe that the crowd-based economy can be socially and economically sustainable and we take pride in offering our crowd users fair pay and decent work, but of course, there’s always room for growth. We see the sustainability of our company as an opportunity to engage our employees and improve the liveability of our cities in a new way.

There’s a lot for us to do this year. We’re excited to rise to the challenge and are already on the road to making shared mobility profitable and sustainable.


Ubiq enables operators to effectively position fleets to serve strategic goals. For more information, contact


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