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Ubiq and ELOOP are making shared mobility profitable in Vienna

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

ELOOP - the shared mobility operator that covers all mobility needs purely electrically - turns to Ubiq for its Charging as a Service solution

VIENNA: It was about time we started playing the field in our own city, the beautiful Austrian capital. After successfully supporting operators over 3 continents and 11 cities, we are beyond thrilled to announce that our services and expertise will be put to very good use in our home city. And we’re very excited to have a company like ELOOP as a partner in changing the way people get around in urban areas and taking the sharing economy to the next level.

ELOOP - the Viennese start-up with a vision

The ELOOP e-car-sharing app takes individual mobility to the next level, by focusing on emission-free mobility and also measuring the local environmental impact at the same time.

Our vision is to make urban space more efficient by reducing the number of private cars dominating the cityscape. We are constantly expanding and growing ELOOP, with the aim of more and more people accessing car sharing easily. With our expansion to Munich, we want to follow this path.

Elisabeth Müller, Vienna City Manager

The ELOOP App allows users maximum freedom to get around. Therefore, rental cars are available from several minutes to several days with an automated pricing system that makes sure users always pay the lowest price for their trip duration.

ELOOP is the first free floating car sharing provider in Austria to have Tesla in its fleet.The fully electric and completely emission-free vehicles have been rolling on the streets of Vienna since the beginning of August 2019. Choosing quality over quantity has proven to be a very good move for the car sharing company, as the users community is extremely strong and continuously growing.

Ubiq brings ChaaS (Charging as a Service )

One of the major challenges to running a fully electric car sharing service is ensuring EV fleets remain charged. If not managed effectively, it can lead to a huge inconvenience for users that wish to use an ELOOP car. This is where Ubiq’s ChaaS steps in to support ELOOP’s EVs by automating the charging process. With access to historic and live fleet and infrastructure data, Ubiq enables shared mobility providers to charge their vehicles proactively so that they are charged and redeployed at the optimal time, anticipating future demand patterns.

To keep fleet availability high, vehicles need to be charged when they aren’t in use, rather than when they are empty. This means utilizing nearby charging infrastructure and combining the charging with vehicle moves to maximize operational efficiency.

Plus, to optimize ELOOP’s EVs utilisation, we make sure that the charging is completed in due time.

A major challenge for shared EV fleet operators is understanding and addressing the space between the supply and the infrastructure. Contrary to some beliefs, it is simply not enough to have an extensive power plug network in the city, you also need a managing process that’s well put together and smooth. We elaborated ChaaS (Charging as a Service) in order to close the gap between charging supply and charging demand.

Christian Adelsberger, CEO and Founder of Ubiq

Of course, EV charging would not be possible without a reliable and sustainable energy provider. For ELOOP, the first operator to use 100% electric cars and green electricity, that ideal provider is Wien Energie.

We believe that the busy city life can also be environmentally friendly. That’s why we provide the densest public e-charging network in Vienna. More than 1.900 public accessible charging points combined with 100% green electricity, ensure that really everyone can contribute to a sustainable future. We’re happy to support ELOOP and Ubiq, two Viennese companies that play a major role in climate protection. Promoting shared e-vehicles can steer us sustainably into an e-mobile future and a cleaner environment.

Sascha Zabransky, Head of Telecommunications and New Business Units Wien Energie

Smooth process, happy users

As always, Ubiq followed a city-taylored strategy in order to ensure smooth integration and user acquisition processes. Every city is different and has its own challenges. We were very excited to use our knowledge of our own city and personalize our fully integrated product-driven process and successfully apply it.

The user communities play a central role in what we do and our purpose is to always improve our processes so that we can provide the smoothest integration and daily contact with our services, through our UX strategies.

From Vienna, with love for green

We believe that Vienna is the perfect city for shared mobility services and that it will soon rely heavily on it. Its progressive and bold initiatives will be highly important in making the transition from ownership to usership happen.

We’re finally here to contribute to that and many other green and sustainable innovations that this city has to offer. Working alongside ELOOP is undoubtedly the best way to start.


Ubiq enables operators to effectively position fleets to serve strategic goals. For more information, contact


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