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Ubiq and Swobbee: A Powerful Partnership for Shared Mobility Operators

Why these leading mobility start-ups are proud to announce their partnership.

At Ubiq, we're constantly looking for new approaches to increase the profitability, effectiveness, and accessibility of sustainable mobility. That is why we are thrilled to be partnering with Swobbee to provide shared mobility, logistics, and delivery operators with a new standard in battery-swapping logistics.

Ubiq is transforming the shared mobility landscape with our innovative sharing platform and optimized fleet operations. Powered by our state-of-the-art SaaS platform that utilizes real-time demand insights and crowd-based support staff, we've earned a reputation as a leader in the mobility world. Now, through our partnership with Swobbee, we're pushing the boundaries of battery-swapping logistics to create a more sustainable and efficient way of transportation.

Swobbee is a pioneer in the battery-swapping network known as Battery-as-a-Service (BaaS) solutions for shared mobility, logistics, and delivery operators. Their cutting-edge battery swapping stations and charging solutions are made to offer operators a simple and dependable means of replacing batteries, keeping their vehicles on the road, and minimizing downtime.

By working together, Ubiq and Swobbee are revolutionizing battery-swapping logistics, which offers a range of benefits for shared mobility, logistics, and delivery operators, including simplified battery replacements, reduced operational costs, and a more sustainable transportation experience for customers.

Looking Into the Future

In the future, we plan to incorporate Swobbee’s apps into the operating process of our StreetCrowd app, making battery changes easy and adaptable. This will be tested through a joint pilot project that will evaluate our combined abilities.

Together, our goal is to create a more sustainable and efficient transportation experience for all. By leveraging the latest in technology and sustainable energy solutions, we're paving the way toward a future of quieter, cleaner, and greener cities.

To view our full press release, follow this link

Interested in seeing where a partnership with us could take your company? Get in touch! *Based on Ubiq's data.



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