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Ubiq Expands its Leadership Team as the Company Reaches for New Heights

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

VIENNA, AUSTRIA, Oct 10, 2022 – Ubiq announces new members to its leadership team. Joining the Vienna–based start-up leadership team alongside Founder & CEO, Christian Adelsberger, are Raffaele Giaquinto (COO), Christoph Walcher (CTO), Jessica Zimmerman (Head of Marketing) and Livia Bernat (Head of People).

Pivoting in January 2020, Ubiq (formerly known as Parkbob GmbH) has been on a mission to make sustainable mobility profitable. Through the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has successfully grown its business throughout Europe and North America and has recently expanded into LATAM. Clients of the company include the Viennese Tesla fleet operator ELOOP, Germany’s MILES Mobility, and GreenGo from Budapest. With just 25 people and over 10,000 vehicles under management, Ubiq is able to offer 50K people around the world a better mobility option every single month.

This new and highly diverse leadership team comes equipped with years of management experience and industry know-how. Combined with a shared vision to create more liveable cities, Ubiq is poised to extend its market leadership across Europe, the Americas, and Asia over the next three years. The company hopes to achieve this by diversifying its product offering to include more solutions for free-floating and station-based carsharing and micromobility fleets as well as new solutions for other usership-driven mobility models such as vehicle subscriptions, rental, peer-2-peer, and business fleets. Additionally, the company sees potential in leveraging its predictive charging solution to:

  1. Increase public charging infrastructure utilization by distributing shared EV charging events more evenly across the entire charging station network and

  2. Steer energy demand by expediting or offsetting charging events in real-time based on sustainable energy supply.

This strategic cross-industry positioning means Ubiq stands to become a key partner for both the mobility and energy industries. The road to making sustainable mobility and energy profitable isn’t an easy one, but the market potential is proven to be massive which means an even bigger opportunity to create tremendous impact. It appears that exciting times are ahead for Ubiq!

Ubiq is currently raising a €7m Series A. Interested in investing? For more information visit:


Ubiq is making sustainable mobility profitable by closing the gap between mobility supply and demand. Our technology uses millions of data points to predict demand for shared fleet operators and then recommends vehicle-specific tasks such as when and where to position, charge, or swap batteries in order to drive more efficient fleet operations. In conjunction with our StreetCrowd™ API, we are able to offer shared fleet operators a crowd-based service team to carry out all recommended vehicle tasks - effectively automating the biggest pain points in the shared mobility industry (utilization and charging). We are now serving around 10,000 vehicles across Europe, North and South America and are raising our Series A to expand our reach.


Meet the Team

Christian Adelsberger Founder & CEO

– 10+ years of management experience

– Technology consulting background – worked with Google, T-Mobile International, Universal Music, and Skype.

– Founded Parkbob GmbH in 2015

Ready to accelerate the growth of his company, Adelsberger is bringing Ubiq’s demand prediction and supply optimization technology to the next level. Aligned with his motto to “always leave things better than he found them,” he is excited about the role that the new leadership team will play in realizing a more sustainable future for mobility and energy.

Christian Adelsberger Linkedin Profile


Raffaele Giaquinto COO

– 10+ years of management experience

– Innovation and sustainability background

– Co-founded two startups co-founded

– Awarded Best Social Innovator in Europe by the European Investment Bank.

Giaquinto, impressed by Ubiq’s traction as well as the scalability potential of shared mobility and energy solutions, is responsible for the company's daily operations and is looking forward to instilling a sense of possibility and balance into Ubiq’s work culture – two factors which he believes are the key to success.

Christian Adelsberger Linkedin Profile


Christoph Walcher CTO

– 25 years in tech, 10+ year experience in leading and managing agile teams.

– Founded a startup in 2016 to bring static code analysis to the masses by using gamification elements.

–Founded the Node.js Vienna meetup and trained big players like SAP or Bayer.

–Promoted from Head of Engineering to CTO of Ubiq.

Responsible for the continued development of Ubiq’s technical platform, Walcher knows “that it is not the latest technology that builds successful products, but high performance teams” and therefore, is looking forward to experimenting and solving the challenges that face sustainable mobility and energy as a team.

Christian Adelsberger Linkedin Profile


Jessica Zimmermann Head of Marketing

– 8 years of management experience across North America & Europe.

– Experience in various industries – entertainment, education, and mobility.

– Worked for big mobility players such as Lime and Surve Mobility.

“As a marketer, it’s rare to get to tell a story as powerful and complex as Ubiq’s”. Drawing on her creativity, diverse work experience, and market understanding, Zimmermann is eager to take on this storytelling challenge as well as the opportunity to catapult Ubiq onto the global stage.

Christian Adelsberger Linkedin Profile


Livia Bernat Head of People

– 10+ years of HR experience

– Experience in various industries – finance, IT, shared services and consulting.

– Drove global strategic workforce planning at Arval BNP Paribas Group.

Driven by the understanding that people drive organizations, Bernat is bringing her expertise in professionally developing teams to Ubiq in order to support the growth of people and culture according to the expected accelerated growth of the company.

Christian Adelsberger Linkedin Profile


Ubiq enables shared fleet operators to get the most revenue out of their fleets. For more information, contact


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