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Ubiq receives strategic funding from Smartworks Innovation

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

in the area of Future Mobility

Ubiq received a new investment of 500.000 € from Smartworks as an element of its investment drive in Smart City and Mobility technology. This is a part of its overall 7 digit financing round and it benefited from the participation of existing shareholders like Speedinvest and Niki Futter, Heinz Hahn, Ralph Müller and Alfred Schorno as Angel Investors.

Ever since 2015, our company has been shaping the future of urban mobility by enabling mobility services to become profitable. As an expert in turning raw urban data into actionable insights and valuable services, the company enables better mobility decisions for mobility providers. Based in Vienna, Austria, Ubiq has been transforming cities around the world. With an already notable experience on 3 continents and in 11 cities (Seattle, Portland, Washington DC, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Warsaw, Budapest, Madrid, Dubai and finally Vienna), the company's artificial intelligence-services include demand prediction, demand fulfilment, predictive charging, policy compliance and dynamic pricing. This ensures fleet rebalancing, charging and policy compliance, thereby making sure that the vehicles are in the right place, at the right time, to meet demand, enabling clients to get actionable insights and make smart mobility decisions, hence making cities cleaner and less congested.

This is what made Ubiq a right candidate for receiving an investment from Smartworks as part of its Smart City and Mobility focus. It will allow Ubiq to scale up its operations and expand collaborations with mobility and energy providers in Vienna.

“Sustainable, smart mobility is one of the keys factors for a livable city and we are excited that we can support UBIQ in its quest to provide vital services to shared mobility providers in Vienna.”- Andreas Straßer, CEO Smartworks Innovation
“I believe mobility will transform from ownership to shared usership and Ubiq will be a key enabler in this mobility revolution.” - Heinz Hahn, Angel Investor
“It’s inspiring for us to receive funding and to be able to support such an essential program. This will allow us to invest in further technology development to increase our footprint and therefore turn more and more cities into smart and sustainable ecosystems. Also, after operating in different cities across the world, we’re more than happy to have the great opportunity to use all that gathered experience to support our own amazing city.” - Christian Adelsberger, Ubiq Founder & CEO

Smartworks – driving Innovation for Wien Energie and Wiener Stadtwerke

Smartworks Innovation is the strategic corporate venture fund of Wien Energie and Wiener Stadtwerke and invests in innovative solutions that make life in Vienna even better. It focusses on innovations from young companies across Europe and Israel that help Wien Energie and Wiener Stadtwerke to tackle tomorrow’s challenges and continuously improve their operations and service offerings. Its focus areas are energy, smart city and digitalization of services and operations.

Wien Energie is the largest regional energy provider in Austria and a subsidiary of the municipal utility company Wiener Stadtwerke. The company reliably supplies two million people with environmentally friendly power, cooling, heating, electromobility and telecommunications.


Ubiq enables operators to effectively position fleets to serve strategic goals. For more information, contact


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