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Ubiq's StreetCrowd comes to Warsaw

Car share operator innogy go! deploys Ubiq’s AI-driven StreetCrowd to increase vehicle availability

WARSAW, Poland - Warsaw is a city on the up. With its teeming bars, thriving arts scene and growing economy, Poland’s capital is an exciting place to be. And with innogy go!, the city has an eco-friendly mobility innovator to match its growing ambitions.

Their fully electric fleet of white, black and green BMWi3s have become somewhat of a feature of the city and, in partnership with Ubiq, they are going to become a whole lot more visible. Instead of vehicles sitting idly waiting for users, Ubiq’s StreetCrowd will bring the cars to them.

Ubiq and innogy go!, a match made on the Vistula

Launched in 2019, innogy go! is the leading fully electric car share service in Warsaw. By providing an environmentally friendly alternative and the convenience of using bus lanes and free public parking, innogy go! is driving a green transport revolution in the city.

Ubiq, for its part, provides AI-driven operational tools for shared mobility providers offering car, bike, moped and scooter services. By forecasting where and when demand will be, and combining this with execution tools, Ubiq moves vehicles to where they need to be to maximize their utilization. This data driven approach is also applied to charging, allowing mobility providers to better manage their fleets and to get the most out of every vehicle.

Deploying the StreetCrowd: getting more out of existing fleet

Implemented within the international PaloAlto project, a cooperation between the Innogy Innovation and B2B Customer Experience (CX) divisions in the German-Polish innogy team, innogy go! has deployed Ubiq’s service to increase operational effectiveness.

By putting Ubiq’s StreetCrowd into action, they can now achieve higher utilization rates by:

  1. Knowing where and when demand for cars is going to be for repositioning;

  2. Knowing which cars need to be charged;

  3. The StreetCrowd app then matches vehicles needing repositioning or charging with the StreetCrowd community who then execute these operational tasks.

Image: A StreetCrowd member rebalancing a car to a hot zone near Czyste

The StreetCrowd community

While Ubiq’s AI-powered fleet efficiency and charging services can be used by dedicated service teams, there is also the possibility of developing a local StreetCrowd community: That is, ordinary members of the public who are paid to move and charge vehicles. And in times like these, this means cleaning them, too.

By taking care of the recruitment and management of StreetCrowd members, as well as payments to the crowd, innogy go! is able to focus less on operational management and more on expanding its services; all the while, profiting from the community benefits of the StreetCrowd. What is more, with a lot of people suddenly finding themselves out of work due to Covid-19, StreetCrowd’s timely arrival enables the public to earn an extra income in this difficult time.

With StreetCrowd now deployed in Warsaw, innogy go! can expect greater vehicle availability and therefore higher car utilization rates. Shared mobility is a data driven affair. And for innovators like innogy go! to reach their ambitious goal of transforming mobility, they need the right kind of tools. With Ubiq, innogy go! has everything it needs to turn its green business into a profitable one.


Coming soon to a city near you! Ubiq’s StreetCrowd will be launching soon in the Hungarian capital, Budapest, expanding our network of StreetCrowds around the world. More details next month.

To find out how your business could benefit from the deployment of AI-driven operational tools, contact:


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