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Ubiq’s StreetCrowd helps Free2Move expand despite challenging times

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

How does the demand for a shared vehicle climb in the middle of pandemic

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As the entire mobility industry was going through probably the most challenging time in modern history, one company was quick on its feet to adapt and even grow.

Free2Move has a fleet of vehicles that customers can locate in its app, unlock and use for a few minutes, a few hours or a few days.

The company has been operating a fleet for its carsharing service in Washington, D.C. since 2018, and recently announced plans to expand to Portland, Oregon this summer, starting with a fleet of 200 Jeep Renegades. Portland rates will be similar to Washington’s. Customers then park the vehicle anywhere in the service area when they are done. Free2Move also offers other services in Europe, including parking and long-term rentals, which is also expanding.

But how can you reach such a milestone among many competitors who have tried and failed with similar mobility ventures? A major problem that mobility sharing companies are usually facing is fleet management and optimisation. In other words how to relocate vehicles so they are in convenient pickup locations for their customers, therefore increasing utilisation.

Free2Move has it covered by working with Ubiq’s StreetCrowd, which ensures a constant demand-driven rebalancing of the fleet into “hot zones” where it is more convenient for a customer to pick up a ride. “We’ve seen more usage and trip activity”, Lynn Blake, Vice President, Mobility & CEO, Carsharing Operation at PSA North America said since starting to work with StreetCrowd.

Free2Move now is sustainable in Washington, with more than 45,000 members who have taken more than 200,000 trips, driving nearly 3 million miles since its launch.

“We are beyond thrilled to contribute to such an important milestone for Free2Move. Seeing such successful results of our work is what we thrive on. We’ll continue doing what we do best in making shared mobility businesses profitable and sustainable.” - Christian Adelsberger, Founder and CEO at Ubiq

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