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Ubiq teams up with Wunder Mobility on the world's first shared mobility marketplace

Data-driven fleet optimization added to Wunder Mobility's one-stop shop

VIENNA, Austria: Born in Hamburg, Wunder Mobility’s cool image belies a serious software provider at the heart of urban mobility transformation. While most in the mobility space will have heard of them, much of what they do goes on behind the scenes.

Providing the tools for companies to launch and scale shared mobility services, Wunder Mobility is the driving force behind many of the leading players in the mobility space. By selecting Ubiq to be part of world’s first marketplace for shared mobility solutions, Wunder Mobility can now include data-driven operational optimization to their growing platform.

If you haven't heard of them, you will have used them

Working with leading players in mobility, Wunder Mobility is at the heart of all things shared. Their end-to-end solutions and extensive know-how, making them the ideal partner for putting mobility sharing ideas into practice. With over one million devices connected, 15+ million trips under their belt, over 100 partners in 70 cities across the world and counting on a diverse mix of customers such as Toyota, Hive, Emmy and Lufthansa, Wunder is powering the urban mobility of the future.

The newly launched Wunder Marketplace sets out to expand the services available to its clients, enabling mobility operators to grow their businesses their own way. Included in the initial Wunder Marketplace launch are 13 companies offering a variety of solutions. From Serveedo’s fleet maintenance tools to StriveCloud’s gamification products, this is a mobility first. In one place, shared mobility providers can now shop around for new solutions, offering a unique opportunity for collaboration.

Data-driven operational excellence

If Wunder Mobility is very much an all-in-one platform, Ubiq is a specialist. In focusing primarily on vehicle utilization through operational improvements, Ubiq seeks to solve the profitability challenge of shared mobility. Getting bums on seats, so to speak, is one thing, getting enough rides out of each vehicle to offset the unit costs is another matter.

Ubiq solves this challenge by enabling mobility providers to operate more effectively. Whether that is providing operational workflows with the intelligence required to make informed operational decisions, or allowing them to take a hands-off approach through crowdsourced operations, Ubiq’s platform enables any shared mobility operators to maximize efficiency potential: Whatever their business case.

Underpinning this is predictive analytics. Ubiq’s platform establishes demand patterns at any given time to aid effective fleet rebalancing, recharging and pricing. This intelligence can be fed into the operators fleet management system via an API.

Ubiq is unique, though, in that it doesn’t only provide intelligence, but automated operations, too. With its StreetCrowd, mobility providers can leverage the power of the crowd for unrivalled operational scale. By utilizing a flexible workforce spread out around the city and available 24/7, mobility providers do not have to rely on just a handful of service team members to execute operations, but a whole city of potential contributors invested in the success of the mobility project.

With this, Ubiq envisages a future where the line between customer and operational team is blurred with operational tasks being undertaken by users themselves.

A marketplace for mobility tech

In joining the newly established Wunder Marketplace, Ubiq is now better placed to serve Wunder Mobility’s worldwide partner base. “We recognized a strong desire and need from our clients to optimize fleets based on demand” stated Moritz Dreger, Product Owner at Wunder Mobility. “In combination with dynamic pricing and their StreetCrowd, Ubiq delivers the answer to many client challenges in one solution”.

For shared mobility to reach its lofty aims of transforming urban transportation to become greener and less congested, software companies such as Wunder Mobility and Ubiq are vital for enabling the long-term sustainability of mobility projects. In joining together on the newly created Wunder Marketplace, data-driven fleet efficiency is easier to obtain than ever before.


“Working with Wunder Mobility gives us a massive opportunity to scale by giving us further reach into markets which otherwise would be difficult for us to enter. And, by combining our complimentary technologies, I believe this offering can be very attractive to potential customers. In addition to that, Wunder is simply a great partner to work with.”

Christian Adelsberger, CEO & Founder of Ubiq

“We love Ubiq’s software because it offers our clients a unique and advanced product that features a special combination of demand prediction and street team optimization…..This is just the beginning of the Wunder Marketplace and our partnership with Ubiq. We can't wait to grow this solution to help our clients launch and grow sustainable mobility solutions”

Moritz Dreger, Product Owner, Wunder Mobility


Whether you are a Wunder customer or not, get in touch with the Ubiq team to see how you can increase the revenue potential of your fleet and reduce operational costs.

You can find Ubiq here on the Wunder Mobility Marketplace.


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