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Unplug - Electric Fleet Management

Introducing Ubiq’s Unplug Service in Germany

In the era of electric vehicles (EVs), the landscape of fleet management is rapidly evolving. With the surge in EV usage across various sectors, with car-sharing being one of the main, the operation of fleets has become more intricate than ever. EVs are powered up at charging stations scattered throughout cities, but city regulators are keeping a watchful eye on demand management, often resorting to hefty fines for overtime parking at these stations.

What is our Unplug Service All About?

To start with: Our Unplug service is now available and active in Germany. With our platform technology solution and various data information, we are able to provide insights and action points for fleet operators in order to improve their demand management.

We are able to gain following information :

  • Monitoring charging levels of individual vehicles

  • Making charged vehicles available for unplug (already at charging levels of 70-90%), hence reducing risk of fines and extra parking fees

  • Identifying where a vehicle should be relocated to - nearby (high-demand areas/streets)

How is it implemented?

Unplug tasks are at the heart of our innovative solution. They are designed to tackle the complex problem of maintaining a fully charged fleet while adhering to strict parking time limits at charging stations.

Here's how it works:

Efficient Unplugging: Our StreetCrowd members are deployed to unplug EVs from charging stations when they reach their full charge. No more risking fines due to overextended charging sessions.

Strategic Relocation: We don't stop there. To add even more value to our clients, we relocate these fully charged EVs to high-demand areas within the city. This dual approach creates a win-win situation. We not only help reduce the cost of charging EV fleets but also increase the revenue potential by strategically positioning vehicles in hot zones where demand is high.

Optimal Solutions: StreetCrowd also addresses the scenario where an EV is plugged into a charging station and is already in a high-demand area. In such cases, our service ensures that the car is promptly unplugged and legally parked nearby, minimizing downtime and maximizing revenue potential.

And how did we make it happen?

A cooperative environment with our partners, integrating ideation and discussion gave us the possibility to transition into the execution phase, achieving the first milestone within a mere month, launching Unplug service in Hamburg.

First results on enhancing the fleet management process can already be seen.

Stay tuned for more to come!

Contact us to learn more about a smarter, more efficient solution to manage your growing EV fleet: or

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