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Accelerate the EV Adoption of your Fleet with our
Charging Management Software

Predictive Charging

Go beyond traditional charging strategies with our EV charging software, driven by real-time data sources. Our AI models determine optimal times and places for charging, plugging, and repositioning each vehicle in your fleet. Maximize fleet utilization, automate operations and boost revenue with Ubiq's Predictive Charging, powered by StreetCrowd.

Key Features of Predictive Charging

Access a wider EV Charger Network
Gain access to a wide range of Charging Point Operators (CPOs) in your operational area through our integrated network that seamlessly chooses the most cost-effective charging option that ties in with your fleets’ needs.


Maximize Fleet Availability
Ensure your EVs are always ready for trips by strategically plugging them in during downtime, maintaining minimum battery levels, and optionally unplugging and repositioning during periods of high demand.

Automated Rebalancing
Seamlessly combine plug-ins, unplugs, and Automated Rebalancing to achieve peak operational efficiency. Move low-battery vehicles to charging stations and strategically position fully charged ones in high-demand urban areas.


Real-time Insights
Gain a competitive edge with real-time data coupled with Demand Prediction to always take advantage of the peaks & lulls of fleet demand.


Access To StreetCrowd
Have over 1,000 operators distributed in your city ready to action tasks quickly and efficiently. 

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Benefits of Predictive Charging

Maximize Revenue Potential
Optimize vehicle positioning based on demand, increasing fleet utilization and revenue per trip.

Enhance Operational Efficiency
Save time and resources with automated processes that streamline fleet management, leaving your team to tackle more complex operations, without losing effectiveness.

Operational Freedom
'StreetCrowd is here to remove complexity from your Operations Team by managing the plug/unplug tasks at a fraction of the cost, allowing your team to prioritize high-impact tasks.

Reduce EV Charging Costs
Stop paying high electricity rates by using our network of CPOs, without having to put any agreements in place.

Avoid Fines
Our system helps you prevent fines by proactively managing low-battery situations through intelligent charging and rebalancing, and minimizing idle charging time.

An ELOOP Success Story

ELOOP's Incredible Journey - From 4 founders and 25 cars to 30 employees and 200 Teslas in just 5 years. Learn how they handle 1,000 plug/unplug actions monthly with just 4 Operation employees, and have mastered the art of fleet positioning to maximize revenue.

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Empower your fleet with the future of EV charging. 

Contact us today to experience firsthand the transformational power of Ubiq's Predictive Charging.

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