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What drives us

We bring people and mobility together through technology. We believe that mobility should have a positive impact on people and our planet. For us, that means mobility needs to be free of emissions, safe to use, accessible to everyone, and of course, provide an experience. We’re here to challenge the status quo and support the transition toward the mobility of tomorrow.


How We Work

We leave things better than we found them. 

Working at Ubiq means teamwork, respecting and trusting each other’s expertise, caring for our own wellbeing as well as the wellbeing of others, and encouraging personal and professional development.

We work ambitiously and always at eye-level. We choose to stay curious and speak our minds. We provide thoughtful feedback and receive it openly.


We push each other and the industry to new heights by carrying the responsibility of setting in motion a new way to move. 


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We want you to be yourself! We choose to see the individual in everyone because we all deserve to be respected and feel like we belong. Where you come from, how you look or identify, whether or not you need accommodations, or anything else that makes you well, you, we see as strength. We believe that there is power in diversity and choose to foster a company culture that celebrates difference.

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What We Offer

Working at Ubiq means joining the sustainability revolution. Whether directly or indirectly, your work will support our demand prediction software which uses artificial intelligence and human-power to improve the operational efficiency for shared mobility fleets. In doing so, you’ll make shared mobility profitable and sustainable and our cities more liveable.

Our team is small, but growing, which means your hard work and commitment will be visibly seen and tangibly felt. We trust you to focus your time and efforts where they are needed most. After all, you are the expert. You will own projects, be given the freedom to try new things, and consequently, help steer our company’s future.

You’ll benefit from a diverse, ambitious, and caring work culture where everyone works together to solve some of the biggest pain points in the shared mobility industry.

Flexible Working Hours

When we say “flexible”, we really mean it. If every person is different, then why do we expect everyone to work the same way? So, if you need to take a walk in the middle of the day to reset your mind, you can do that. You want to start your work day before sunrise or make time for yourself in the mornings instead, you can also do that. Have a long lunch with an old friend? Yep, you can do that too. What we care about is that you hold yourself accountable to get things done well and on time. 

Workplace Options

Be inspired by your surroundings. Innovation requires inspiration and that can come from anywhere. From a conversation you had with your colleague in our office in Vienna or from working a day in the life of one of our StreetCrowd users in Washington D.C. It can come from the comfort of your own home (wherever that may be) or from a coffeeshop in Santiago de Chile. Work where it suits you best so long as you dare to be ambitious.

Spend time learning new things. We encourage you to take the time to learn and grow yourself both personally and professionally. We know that’s how you’ll help take Ubiq to the next level. It’s why we started the Ubiq Academy, our internal knowledge sharing platform where you can learn from and teach things to your colleagues. Of course, you’ll also benefit from your own development budget. Maybe you want to attend a conference or take a language course, allocate your budget as you see fit. The more you learn, the more you’ll know, and the more places we can go.

Learning & Development

Start-up Spirit

Build something from the ground up and enjoy every second of it. We're on a mission to build the most comprehensive demand-prediction software. In order to build the best, you need to have the best (healthiest and happiest) team. That's why we always find time to come together in "real life" or digitally. Whether you're scheduling a virtual coffee with a remote colleague or catching up with someone as you enjoy some free fruit, snacks, and drinks or attending one of our monthly team events, you'll surely stand to benefit from the start-up spirit.

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