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Automated Rebalancing

Your fleet in the right place at the right time.

Automated Rebalancing is Ubiq's fleet management software that provides real-time data and insights to help you maximize the performance of your (EV) fleet.

Our rebalancing software solution enables operators to optimize their fleet usage by placing their fleets and vehicles in the right place at the right time. 

• Zone mapping (hot/cold/neutral)

• Demand prediction

• Over-saturation detection

• Idle-time-based relocation triggers

• Matching supply and demand

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Automated Rebalancing is the ideal solution if you have: 

Fleet supply not meeting demand
Capacity-constrained operations teams
Uneven fleet distribution within urban areas
Challenging profitability goals

Maximize fleet utilization
with our Fleet Management Software

Automated Rebalancing

Discover our (EV) fleet management software - the ideal solution to maximize fleet utilization and automate fleet operations. Ubiq’s SaaS Platform helps you get the most out of your fleet by showing you exactly where to position each vehicle in your fleet. 

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