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What We Do

In the product team at Ubiq, we focus on bringing our operational services platform to the next level and providing awesome products and services to our clients.

Therefore, we are always on the run to analyze the needs of both parties of our platforms - shared-mobility providers and our StreetCrowd community - to build products/services that the shared-mobility industry needs and loves. By continuously improving our services and products, we are aiming to maintain and scale up a reliable and frictionless service experience for our clients.

This Is What We Sound Like!

Words are great, but sometimes songs just carry more weight. So go grab some headphones, turn up the volume, and get lost in our team's soundtrack. We hope these songs help you envision what it would be like working with us. 

We have to know though, what song would you add to our playlist?

Inspired Book.jpeg

We Like Good Reads!

What people read says a lot about them. So here are our top three book recommendations. What do you think? Have you read some of them?

Find the Right Job for You

Now, that you've gotten to know our team a little bit, feel free to take a look at our open job positions.

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